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2. 10 Classes Discovered from Recent Empirical Literature

2.1. Social network and Social Networking Utilize Won’t Be The Same Social network and social media use have frequently been utilized interchangeably into the clinical literature. But, they’re not the exact same. Social networking is the internet 2.0 capabilities of creating, sharing, and collaborating on content online (in other words., user-generated content, implying a social element). Appropriately, social media use includes an array of social applications, such as for example collaborative jobs, weblogs, content communities, social network web web sites, digital game globes, and digital social globes 9, all of which is addressed below. Collaborative tasks may be provided and done jointly and simultaneously utilizing cloud-based computing. Two various sorts are distinguished: Wikis provide for creating, eliminating and changing content that is onlinee.g., Wikipedia). Social bookmarking applications, on one other hand, allow for variety of individuals to accumulate and appraise websites ( e.g., Delicious). Taken together, collaborative tasks may create a superior final result in comparison to individual projects 9, that can easily be from the idea of collective cleverness, whereby the cleverness when you look at the team is higher than the sum its parts 10. Weblogs (or “blogs”) may also be considered social media marketing. (more…)