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a distinct mixture of MMO games and Christianity Into the aftermath in the current Overwatch fiasco with regards to among positions for Tracer, I’ve been contemplating the idea of modesty and just how truly addressed within the Bible. As a result I’d choose to existing everything I believe is a Biblical take on modesty and while it won’t straight tackle current matter of Tracer’s pose and Blizzard’s impulse, I’m hoping it’ll decorate a picture for how Christians need to means the subject in their own resides. My purpose isn’t to handle the issue of modesty immediately with arbitrary directory of rules and regulations, but instead to deliver a bigger framework for putting the well-being of other individuals before our very own legal rights on a voluntary, heart directed foundation. Hence the question isn’t whether other people were limiting all of our independence, but alternatively if the exercise in our freedom try creating a barrier between other people and Christ. To begin, let’s check an illustration from scripture that illustrates abusing liberty at the expense of others in a totally different framework. (more…)