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14 Ridiculous Hookup Regulations School Women Are Required To Follow

1. If youre on the years and/or possesnt shaven, dont actually make an effort flirting. The overwhelming menstrual aura and foot-long pubes are just unappealing. 2. All older chicks exes is not allowed. That guy who outdated the Theta chairman twelve in years past? Yeah, OFF LIMITS (unless need the bitch-slapping spirits of sororities babes past to haunt your for the rest of your weeks). 3. waiting no less than 1 day to text your (and also at minimum 2 times his impulse time and energy to book back once again). Bitch, i shall text your while youre however inside me personally easily as if you like this. Aint nobody have committed and/or algebra skill for all this mathematics, is actually a tempting reaction to this asinine guideline. Hold the language and break those rates, babe. Its an asinine community we live in. 4. DON’T confuse the appropriate tag for the hookup. You will find a million words that might explain their non-relationship: connecting, exclusive, watching one another, dating, with each othertheyre not dating but theyre a thing, like theyre not setting up along with other men and women. (more…)