Financial Products

Stack of Credit Cards

  • Credit Cards - If you want to hold a credit card which gives you lots of financial facilities and allows you to get very special offers from the issuer bank, if you want to have access to lots of special programs, facilities of payments and other benefits that truly meets your financial needs, apply now for the Ta’minet credit card from Master Card and co-branded with Affrad and go beyond your dream.
  • Cash Loans - If you are working and receiving a monthly income, fill the relative proposal
    form for personal loan and within a short period we will provide you with an answer for the requested loan. Remember it is always the right time to buy new furniture, buy new supplies, face unexpected expenses or even to travel and have fun.(Equal monthly installments apply through our banks partners).
  • Car Loans - If it is time to change your car and buy another one (new or second hand).
    If you have a monthly income, just fill the application form of the bank and your dream will become reality at the shortest time possible. (Equal monthly installments apply through our banks partners).
  • Housing Loans - If you want to buy a house and you don’t have the full capacity, do not hesitate to fill the appropriate application so that one of our partner banks provides you this capacity.