• AltogetherExcellent career prospects – Sales can be found in any industry. Most businesses rely heavily on revenue generated by sales. Given this, a successful salesperson can rise high within a company and, more easily than other industry, change company … or even switch to another industry.
  • Continual personal development – There is no shortage of training workshops available for salespeople. There are also sections in bookstores dedicated to becoming a sales person. While some training programmes out there are less than great, there are many resources available to improve your sales skills.
  • Variety - One thing that can definitely be said about sales is that it’s not boring. It’s a career filled with excitement, often generated from opportunities you found and seized upon.
  • Opportunity/freedom to work on own initiative – One of the greatest skills a sales person can have is initiative. Some people have it, others don’t. But for those who do have it, it means great freedom when working because you select your own plan of action. Your company sets goals for you, but you’re the one who figures out how to achieve them.
  • Rewards for success – As an integral part of the main source of money for companies, it is right that you reap financial rewards. You will come across excellent salary packages that include base salaries, benefits and generous commission schemes. And unlike with most jobs, the harder you work, the more you make.


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